Lake Lou Yaeger Watershed Plan
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Shoal Creek Structure No. 4 impounds Lake Lou Yaeger

About the Plan

And why your input is important
The City and USDA-NRCS are developing a Supplemental Watershed Plan and Environmental Assessment for the Lake Lou Yaeger Dam in Montgomery County’s Shoal Creek Watershed. The lake was built for flood control, sport fishing, and recreation (boating). Anticipated needs are related to relieving a dam safety concern, continuing the municipal water supply storage and recreation, and maintaining the existing level of flood protection. The resulting  watershed plan and environmental assessment  will describe alternatives and reasonable alternatives. It will also identify the preferred alternative based on technical, economic, social, and environmental findings in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and related environmental and economic documentation requirements. Alternatives may be structural or non-structural measures..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current condition of the dam? What is the current condition, and why does the dam need to be 'rehabilitated?'
What's a 'watershed plan?' What is the purpose and process for this project, and what will the final outcome be?
How will this be paid for? How will the project be funded? Will my taxes go up?
What will the impact be? How will private property be impacted, and what benefits can we expect?
Feedback can also be given at Litchfield City Hall.
Call Tonya Flannery (217) 324-8151

Public Meetings

Another opportunity to express your views
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service recognizes that participation by the public in planning and decision-making about programs encourages people to support soil, water and natural resource conservation. It is NRCS's policy to support and encourage public participation. One way NRCS provides that support is through a series of public meetings during projects like Lake Lou Yaeger, to provide opportunities for the public to contribute information and express opinions. Here are some opportunities to make your voice heard:
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Public Meeting No. 1

Closed April 30 
What's happening in this stage?
Why your input is important
How to make your comments heard
Next steps in the project
Click here to listen to video of meeting No. 1

Public Meeting No. 2

Virtual live Jan. 26 2022
Present potential dam rehabilitation alternatives
Explain the rehabilitation alternatives
Give the public a chance to comment
Click here to listen to video of meeting No. 1

Public Meeting No. 3

Scheduled live Fall 2022
Present the final preferred alternative
Explain the preferred alternative
Give the public a chance to comment
Watch this space for the meeting date...


"Lake Lou Yaeger Dam has played a big part in the development of the region over the years. Reinvesting in its restoration will play a critical part for future development for not just Litchfield, but Montgomery County, and Central Illinois."
Doris Turner
Illinois State Senator, 48th District
"It is very important to me and my family that the lake remains a viable and well maintained destination for recreation and family time. Though we are not residents of Litchfield (we live in St. Louis) we are frequent visitors to our property and spend many evenings (and dollars) in town taking in dinners and entertainment. We also spend quite a few dollars in Litchfield on all the items necessary to keep our property functional. This includes purchases at furniture and appliance stores, hardware stores, home centers, etc. We enjoy contributing to the economy of Litchfield, but, to be honest if the lake became unusable we would not have the motivation for continuing those investments. I am strongly supportive of any measures that would be necessary to be taken to preserve the ability of Lake Lou to be a recreation destination for our family for generations to come."
Survey Respondent
Saint Louis Resident
"Many local businesses benefit from the recreational use of the lake. By improving the dam, it will continue the support for current businesses and could bring new investment in the area."
Survey Respondent
Location Unspecified